Welcome to Everything Narcolepsy!

This website's 
goal is to reduce the misdiagnosis & mistreatment of narcoleptics though the promotion and sharing of narcolepsy information and resources found throughout the internet.

Hey early bird! This new website is still under construction.
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Check out our sneak preview at: http://everythingnarcolepsy.blogspot.com/
Hey Early Bird - This website is still under construction, but you can get a sneek peak by visiting our site at Blogspot.com

The sneak peek site is where you will find EVERYTHING you want to know about narcolepsy and cataplexy including: What is narcolepsy? How many people have narcolepsy? When and why you should see a sleep specialist for a sleep study. How to find a sleep doctor. Narcolepsy symptoms. Why it is so easy to misdiagnose narcolepsy? How is narcolepsy diagnosed? How narcolepsy is treated and is there a cure. Is narcolepsy curable? Narcolepsy medications. Narcolepsy news. Narcolepsy technology. Narcolepsy links. Narcolepsy blogs. Links for narcoleptic parents and parents of narcoleptics. Narcolepsy movies and videos. Sleep disorder movies and videos. Sleep disorder links. Invisible disability links. Narcolepsy facebook groups links. Narcolepsy glossary of terms. Narcolepsy products. Click any picture below or the link mentioned above to be redirected to the blog this website's articles, links, and resources are currently being housed.
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